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(Prairie Gentian, Texas Bluebell)

Ideal for in-home décor or on the patio…anywhere a splash of color is desired.
Native to the North American prairie, Lisianthus is perfect for sunny windowsills or as annual bedding plants. Its pretty, elegant flowers come in single and double forms and are very heat tolerant. Blooms from spring to first frost.

Maurine® Series 
Considered one of the best cut flowers available, with attractive blossoms and a long vase life (up to three weeks if the stems are cut regularly). Flowers 12" to 16" tall and is great for beds, containers or as bouquet cut flowers. Available in white, blue/white, pink, pink/lilac, lilac, light blue and blue.

Little Bell Series 
A single flower form, perfect for a display of smaller accents throughout the home. Available in blue and pink.

Double Dream Mix 
Double flower form, grows to a larger finished height of 6" to 12" depending on pot size. Mixed colors.

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