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Perennials A-Z Technical Guides

  • Achillea Little Moonshine Must Have Perennials
  • Achillea Ritzy Rose' and 'Ritzy Ruby' Must Have Perennials
  • Achillea Seduction Series Must Have Perennials
  • Achillea Tutti Frutti Series  Must Have Perennials
  • Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'
  • Agastache Purple Haze
  • Ajuga Black Scallop
  • Alcea Spring Celebrities Series 
  • Alchemilla Gold Strike
  • Amsonia Blue Ice
  • Amsonia hubrichtii
  • Anemone Pretty Lady Series Must Have Perennials
  • Aquilegia Corbet, Little Lanterns & Pink Lanterns
  • Aquilegia Origami Series
  • Aquilegia Winky Series
  • Bellis Galaxy Series
  • Buddleja Buzz™ Series
  • Calamintha Blue Cloud
  • Campula Genti Series
  • Carex EverColor® Series
  • Carex 'Evergold', 'Ice Dance'
  • Centaurea Amethyst Dream & Amethyst in Snow >Must Have Perennials
  • Colocasia Royal Hawaiian Series
  • Coreopsis Big Bang™ Series
  • Coreopsis Cruizin' Series
  • Coreopsis Dahl Baby
  • Coreopsis Jethro Tull
  • Delosperma Varieties
  • Delphinium Summer Series
  • Dendranthema Igloo Series Must Have Perennials
  • Dianthus Barbarini® Series
  • Dianthus Devon Cottage™ Series
  • Dianthus Early Bird™ Series
  • Dianthus Promotional Line™
  • Dianthus Scent First™ Series
  • Dianthus Star™ Series
  • Digitalis Camelot Series
  • Echinacea hybrid 'Cheyenne Spirit'
  • Echinacea Cone-fections™ Pink Double Delight
  • Echinacea PowWow™ Series
  • Echinacea Prairie Splendor™ Deep Rose
  • Eryngium Big Blue Must Have Perennials
  • Eupatorium Phantom
  • Euphorbia Blackbird, Ruby Glow, 'Ascot Rainbow' & Tiny Tim
  • Euphorbia Bonfire  Must Have Perennials
  • Festuca Beyond Blue™
  • Gaillardia Arizona Series
  • Gaillardia 'Celebration'
  • Gaillardia Fanfare Blaze
  • Gaillardia Mesa™ Series
  • Gaura Belleza™ Dark Pink
  • Gaura Passionate Blush & Passionate Rainbow
  • Gaura Snow Fountain
  • Geranium Azure Rush  Must Have Perennials
  • Geranium Blushing Turtle Must Have Perennials
  • Geranium Rozanne  Must Have Perennials
  • Geum Blazing Sunset
  • Geum Koi
  • Helenium Mardi Gras Must Have Perennials
  • Heuchera Blackout
  • Heuchera Seed Produced
  • Heuchera × villosa Varieties
  • Heucherella Buttered Rum, Cracked Ice, Fire Frost, Honey Rose
  • Hibiscus Cordial Series Must Have Perennials
  • Hibiscus Vintage Series
  • Hosta Varieties
  • Hypericum Hypearl™ Series
  • Lamium Orchid Frost
  • Lavandula Ellagance Series
  • Leucanthemum Freak! Must Have Perennials
  • Lithodora White Star Must Have Perennials
  • Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny' Must Have Perennials
  • Monarda Grand Marshall, Grand Mum™, & Grand Parade
  • Monarda Fireball, Pink Lace & Pink Supreme
  • Myosotis Mon Amie Blue
  • Nepeta Blue Dreams & Pink Dreams
  • Oenothera Glowing Magenta
  • Oenothera Shimmer
  • Papaver Garden Gnome
  • Pennisetum 'Black Stockings'
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'
  • Pennisetum 'Rubrum', Celebration Series
  • Penstemon Prairie Twilight  Must Have Perennials
  • Penstemon Red Riding Hood
  • Phlox Paparazzi™ Collection
  • Phlox subulata
  • Physostegia Crystal Peak White
  • Polemonium Brise d'Anjou & Bressingham Purple Must Have Perennials
  • Prunella Summer Daze
  • Rosa Black Forest™ Must Have Perennials
  • Rudbeckia Autumn Colors & Denver Daisy™
  • Rudbeckia 'Little Goldstar'
  • Sagina Aurea
  • Sagina Crispy
  • Salvia New Dimension Series
  • Salvia Wishes Series
  • Scabios Blue Note
  • Sedum Pink Bomb
  • Sedum Stonecrop
  • Silene Rollies Favorite
  • Stokesia Colorwheel & Peachies Pick
  • Stokesia 'Blue Frills' Must Have Perennials
  • Tradescantia Varieties
  • VerbenaLollipop
  • Veronica Goldwell Must Have Perennials
  • Veronica Pink Panther &  Purpleicious

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