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Our Continuous Perennial Improvement

Trialing For Your Success
The Pennsylvania trial garden is a key component of our variety selection process. Each year we line out literally thousands of plants to evaluate, and from which we'll pick the outstanding new varieties.

Our New Products team keeps meticulous records on each possible introduction. Their observations and recommendations played a leading role in selecting the varieties marked NEW in our perennial catalog.

Performance is rated in real-world conditions, in the ground:

  • • Growth habit, flowering period, pest/disease resistance and more
  • • Side-by-side comparisons with currently available cultivars as benchmarks
  • • Zone 6 cold hardiness
  • • Zones 4 and 5 cold hardiness trials at university sites for many varieties

The data we collect is used to develop our authoritative technical guides, to help you succeed with our introductions. You’ll find these technical guides online at

Quality of process means quality of results for you
Our goal is to deliver the best quality starter plants and supporting services to you, as promised. In pursuit of that goal, we also strive to become more flexible in response to the demands of the market. We are constantly developing ways to improve our product quality, services, and delivery performance.

We focus on quality of process so we can deliver quality results to you.


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