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Perennial Essentials Program

Perennial Essentials Program

Programmed for success, our Perennial Essentials programs provide fundamentals for successful perennial growing and all-season color.

Check it out whether you are new to perennials or looking for easy-to-grow, proven varieties to fuel impulse sales.

  • • Regional – seven customized regional programs for the U.S. and Canada
  • • Seasonal – early spring/spring, early summer, mid-summer, late summer/fall
  • • Detailed – liner size, finished pot size, finishing time, hardiness, flower color, height and other attributes
  • • General Culture and Growing Schedules – transplant times, temperatures and more

Perennial Essentials by Region

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  • General Culture and Growing Schedules
  • Perennial Essentials Regional Map
  • Desert SouthWest
  • Florida and Gulf Coast States
  • Mountain and Canadian Provinces
  • Midwest and Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

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