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Here's a quick summary of our Green Leaf Plants product offering. Click on the links below for further information, including full color pictures and detailed variety descriptions.

What's New In Perennials 2020

  • NEW! Succulent Assortment Sell Sheet
  • NEW! 2020 Introductions
  • NEW! Fall Blooming Perennial Program
  • 2019-2020 Newcomers
  • NEW! Fern Program
  • Sedum Tiles
  • We've Got a Size for That!
  • NEW! Year of the Lavender
  • Other Perennial Links

  • Green Leaf Plants catalog - Perennials, Grasses and Herbs 2019-2020
  • Lead Times and Plant Attributes
  • Dianthus Sell Sheet
  • Vernalization Technical Guide

  • Garden Mums/Asters

  • 2020 Program
  • Dendranthema Igloo Sell Sheet
  • Dendranthema Igloo Mums Point of Purchase Kit
  • Syngenta Cultural Guide
  • Syngenta Asters catalog
  • Variety Listing

  • Timeless Classics

    Seed-produced plug trays from Green Leaf Plants®

  • Variety Listing
  • Sell Sheet
  • Tech Guide

  • Gloxinia - Not available in 2019/2020

  • Variety Listing
  • Sell Sheet
  • Tech Guide

    Career Opportunities

    March 2020

    Aris is Operating

    Aris Horticulture, Inc. CEO Scott Schafer addresses employees, customers, and industry friends and neighbors concerning COVID-19. Read the full letter here

    Brighten someone's day with fresh flowers.

    A simple gesture of sending flowers to friends and family can be a beautiful expression of support and love. Click here to read New Jersey's wonderful letter showing their support for local growers and garden centers, with some great advice for consumers.

    January 2020

    From Mums to Marketing … and Everything in Between by Jasmina Dolce, GPN.

    View the 2019/2020 Perennials, Grasses and Herbs Catalog and our See What’s New in Perennials 2018/2019

    Dianthus Production Guide