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Here's a quick summary of our Green Leaf Plants product offering. Click on the links below for further information, including full color pictures and detailed variety descriptions.

What's New In Perennials 2019

  • NEW! Fall Blooming Perennial Program
  • NEW! 2019 New Perennial Intros
  • NEW! 2019/2020 Newcomers
  • NEW! Sedum Tiles
  • We've Got a Size for That!
  • Phlox subulata Phlox Trot™ Pink

  • Garden Mums/Asters

  • 2019 Program
  • Dendranthema Igloo Sell Sheet
  • Dendranthema Igloo Mums Point of Purchase Kit
  • Syngenta Cultural Guide
  • Syngenta Asters Cultural Guide
  • Variety Listing

  • Timeless Classics

    Seed-produced plug trays from Green Leaf Plants®

  • Variety Listing
  • Sell Sheet
  • Tech Guide

  • Gloxinia - Not available in 2019/2020

  • Variety Listing
  • Sell Sheet
  • Tech Guide

  • Perennials

  • Green Leaf Plants catalog - Perennials, Grasses and Herbs 2019-2020
  • NEW!2019/2020 Perennial See What's New/Catalog Supplement
  • Dianthus Sell Sheet
  • Sedum Tile Sell Sheet
  • Vernalization Technical Guide

  • NEWS

    View the 2019/2020 Perennials, Grasses and Herbs Catalog and our See What’s New in Perennials 2018/2019

    Now hiring various Grower and greenhouse positions at our Lancaster, PA facility. Search for us on Indeed for employment opportunities.

    Dianthus Production Guide