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PRESS RELEASE: September 12, 2022

Aris Horticulture announces an arrangement with Silverleaf, a leading Northeast herb supplier. The arrangement complements Green Leaf’s existing herb program and provides Keepsake Plants an opportunity in finished and or prefinished containers.
Aris Horticulture, Inc. (“Aris”) is pleased to announce an agreement between Silverleaf Greenhouses (“Silverleaf”) and Aris’ Green Leaf Plants Division (“Green Leaf”) whereby Green Leaf will execute Silverleaf’s existing Herb program as planned for 2023. Silverleaf sold its facilities to a Cannabis operator and wishes to ensure continuity of the product line in order to take care of long-standing customers.

Silverleaf has an extensive Herb offering with over 200 varieties while Green Leaf offers more than 100 Herb varieties. Silverleaf’s product line includes 51 cell tray (spilt 102’s), 2.5” and custom 4 “; these will be added to the Green Leaf Product offering over the next 2 weeks. Green Leaf’s Herb program remains unchanged. Effective September 26, 2022, Green Leaf’s distributor partners may place orders under existing terms and conditions subject to Green Leaf pricing and availability. In order to accommodate the short transfer lead time, two Silverleaf programs will be suspended for 2023: Scented Geraniums and 51 cell Mixed herb tray (3 17-strips).

Herbs are a growing segment of the market. The combined product line offering will provide an excellent opportunity for distributors and end -customers to benefit from one stop shopping, Green Leaf’s Annual Earned Discount Program (AED) and continue to receive high quality young plants. Green Leaf Plants is a leading supplier of perennial young plants with a strong position in Herbs. All new orders will be produced at the Green Leaf Plants facility in Lancaster PA.

To ensure continuity and better serve customers (as part of the transition) Larry Silverman and Aris have entered into a consulting arrangement whereby Larry will provide transition assistance and future support for the business.

Specialty Products in finished sizes will not be offered in 2023 but Aris’ Keepsake Plants container products division will work with Larry to determine future product programs and availability. The primary focus for the short term is the young plants set up and support.

While we plan for a smooth transition, there may be some unknowns, so please contact us with any questions.

Silverleaf Greenhouses: Larry Silverman, Owner,

Green Leaf Plants: Blair Hoey, Managing Director,

Aris Sales: Dave Ogle, Director of Sales,

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to meeting more of your needs in the future by delivering the very best Herb program in North America.

Scott Schaefer
President & CEO
Aris Horticulture, Inc.

May 2019

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services named Green Leaf Plants® to the Employer Honor Roll during the 35th Annual Employment, Training and Education Conference.
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Green Leaf Plants accepts Honor Roll award